Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dragon Brushes by Indo Dreamin

I think this was the last set of Photo Shop Brushes that I made, but for some reason they have not been downloaded at all. So I am wondering if the link to them is totally bunk. The other brushes get downloaded daily but the poor Dragon Brushes are still on zero! I am feeling pretty sad for them cause they are just as good as all the other brushes. The most popular brush set appears to be the Native American Brushes. Now while they are pretty awesome I still do not get why 103 people would have downloaded them and no one the Dragon Brushes. It makes no sense. So I am re-introducing the Dragon Brushes to the game. And I got to add that some of the people who have used these brushes have sent me links on my Deviant Art account to where they were used, and there are some really talented people out there. Digital art that would blow your mind! I really should post some of that work up here some day. One of the people even said they were using some of the Tattoo Brushes for work on the Official Alice Cooper Website!! It was like so small you would not even notice it was there, just a tiny detail a massive piece, but still awesome.

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