Friday, June 27, 2008

Graffiti Brushes by Indo Dreamin

I wish I could say that the artwork behind these brushes is all mine, but the the credit goes to the artists featured on Art of the State. And I dont say this often, but I will say it now that this set of 24 brushes is off the chain!!! It took me a couple of hours to clean up that shit and create the brushes but it is well worth it cause I can have some fun with these puppies. I was sick and tired of being so fucking uninspired so I was trying to learn how to make stencils, then I just started making these brushes. I was hoping to be able to make my own stencils from photographs and make brushes from that but its going to take a lot more work to get there. For the time being I am just going to have to settle with ripping the real artists off. But I have been seeing how kids on Deviant Art use the brushes just as details in larger pieces of digital art and its awesome. And none of this is for profit mongers so who gives a shit about copyrights? But then again there are assholes out there like Lars Ulrich. But i got no assets anyways so if you got issues with these brushes, sue me. Also check out Banksy, he is awesome. I grabbed some images from him too. The rest of yall, eeennjwwaaaayy... Graffiti by Indo Dreamin

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