Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Linkage

I don't know if anyone noticed, but I have added some new linkage to my sidebar. There are a couple of new ones in my 'Friends' list that are worth checking out like 'Kim's Photo's'. You need to scroll down to see more of her art stuff, and its worth it. I particularly like a series of shots of people people walking on what appears to be a New York street. Very random but they amused me for quite a while. I added a 'China Blogs' category to my list after coming across the Lost Laowai. Through that site a found a whole network of China blogs, so I have linked to the ones I like. I was running out of entertaining stuff to read on a daily basis. I have also added some cool new widgets and linked to other groups. China has managed to block off a bunch of other sites now including my home page. I was just starting to experiment with my Wordpress blog and now I am locked out. I guess I just have to wait for some smart kids to come up with quick fixes. The Loast Laowai also offered a great solution for browsing some of the blocked sites in China. Check that out here, I managed to make it work on my Fire Fox so now I can browse blogspot with no hassles and even leave comments again. Its raining in Guangzhou again, so much for the sunshine I brought back with me. All my shoes are wet and muddy now. I am so fucking uninspired. I have nothing good to read so I keep watching 'Two and a Half Men' every night and its sucking my soul away. But at least its keeping me off the bottle. But the weekend is around the corner and once again time for some R&R. I think I am going green again. Aloha...

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