Thursday, June 26, 2008

Surfing in Ghana?!

My cousin just forwarded me the link for Black Star Surf Shop today, a small surf shop located on Busua Beach in Ghana, West Africa. Having spent most of my childhood in Ghana and a lot of my weekends on the beach, I think I can safely say I have seen approximately ZERO people surfing there. Later on when I moved back home after college I did go out body boarding a few times to Krokobite, but the currents were evil. Driving along Cape Coast I did notice areas where the break looked pretty decent, but not being a surfer myself, I would never dare to venture out there on my own. And more recently I drove from Accra across Togo and into Benin along miles and miles of untouched coast line. Beaches where there was not a single person anywhere in sight, but again I did not venture out. I do not attribute my hesitation to fear, but rather a healthy respect for the Ocean and Mother Nature. So as you can imagine, I am stoked to find out a couple of lads have taken the initiative to explore the Ghanaian breaks and create an opportunity for other travelers to do the same. Now I don’t think that wave junkies looking for massive rides should grab their boards and head down to Ghana, but if you are a person who loves to travel and experience new locations, here is one more reason to add Ghana to your list. In my opinion it is already one of the safest places in Africa you could travel to. As for my friends still in Ghana, go down there this weekend and let me know what the story is. Apparently the Black Star Surf Shop is not just a surf school. They organize camps and other activities to locals and tourists alike, and they organize some amusing after dark events as well. Busua is a small town but great for a weekend getaway where you can spend a hot night out in a bar sipping cold beer and listening to highlife music. Damn I wanna come home!!!

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