Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Making a Single Layer Stalin Stencil - Part I

My project this weekend was to learn how to make a graffiti stencil. So I started off with this picture of Joseph Stalin.

After some manipulation on CS3 I got the picture to look like this. I picked up a whole lot of tips from instructional videos on You Tube. I have been messing with a bunch of pictures and it takes a few tries to get a nice image for stenciling. There are a lot of factors to bear in mind before you get to the cutting stage.

I did not have the ideal transparent printing sheets the websites recommend you use so I just used this plastic sticker sheet I had lying around. I also do not have a sturdy instrument for cutting like the guys use in the videos so I made do with a standard paper cutter.

Cutting is not the most fun thing to do. Even a simple single layer image like this requires quite a bit of time. I actually did the cutting twice, once for the plastic sticker surface and the second time to remove the paper backing so I just have a clean stencil. None of my fingers were injured in the process but there were a few close calls.

There you have it, a ready to use stencil of Stalin. I can’t wait to get some spray paint and try this fogger out. Its only a single layer but if this works out I will get some better equipment a do a 3 layer stencil. I already have an image in mind.

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Keir said...

Great job! Looking forward to test-driving it for my classroom: