Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Making a Single Layer Stalin Stencil – Part II

So I got the major end of the deal sorted out with my first stencil. I fixed up the image on Photo Shop and cut out the stencil on my shitty sticker paper. But never having made a stencil or spray painted before, I had no idea how this would work out.

I went down to the hardware shop around the corner from where I live hoping I could find any type of spray paint. This tiny shop surprisingly had a decent selection so I picked up 3 colors. These will come in handy for the next project, I hope.

Before taking my Stalin Stencil to the street I figured it would be a better idea to give it a try on another surface first. So I used a little bit of scotch tape and pinned the corners of the stencil to this carboard box I found in my office.

The paint smelled great. When I regained consciousness I found this. Not bad for a first attempt I guess.

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Anonymous said...

Give me the JPG please! I want to make it too!
denstup (at)