Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Dadagiri Slap

Here is another gem from You Tube. It seems there is some reality TV show in India called 'Dadagiri'. I have no idea what it is about but I do remember last year some show in the UK where the host was this evil chick who tormented the guests on the show in some sadistic way or another. I am guessing this Indian TV show has taken some cue from that show judging by the first clip.

So the host obviously thinks she is hottest thing around since global warming. Plus she got a dirtier mouth than Tony Montana. I have never heard an Indian chick on TV use such profanity. If she was half decent looking I might even have gotten a stiffy, but she looks like a straight up BEAAATTCH! And she totally gets whats coming her way. I know there is very little that could justify a man phisically abusing a woman, but this lady just asks for it. This is the best version of the 'slap' that I found.

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