Tuesday, December 26, 2006

J.P. Chenet – Cabernet Syrah 2005

The J.P. Chenet Cabernet Syrah is a wine I have been holding onto for a while now. Syrah is a French red wine that I came across at the supermarket here in Guangzhou. I had some memory of this wine that I could not place so I decided to pick up a bottle.

The Chenet wines are very distinctive in the design of their bottles. My picture is not crooked; the bottle is actually molded with flaws that give this label its own trademark. This is what makes me positive that I have drunk this wine before, and enjoyed it. I clearly remember taking a dusty flawed bottle out of a wooden crate when I was in Ghana.

Unfortunately, this wine did not live up to my expectations. It was not exactly dry, but it was too dry for my taste. It was also not fruity or full bodied enough. I polished off the bottle with some meat I cooked up on Christmas day. I will attest that the Syrah did go great with my meal but it was not much fun to sip on its own.

The Syrah was not as enjoyable as the Frontera nor did it have as much flavor or aroma. But I think I might have had a better wine from the same label a few years ago that was amazing. The color of this wine was also lighter than other wines I like. I might be right in assuming that this was a dinner wine that is meant to be drunk with meals and not while lounging. Also, it did not pack much punch at all. After clearing the whole bottle I did not even have a buzz.

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